Sunday, March 25, 2012

The co-drivers view: A12 Utrecht

This episode of "the co-drivers view" will accompany Guitigefilmpjes on a tour on the Dutch motorway A12. From the western part near the Hague, the motorway A12 runs to the eastern part of the country near Arnhem, connecting to the German Autobahn A3.

In this video part of the A12 is shown, near the Dutch city of Utrecht. Starting at the Meern and driving east to Bunnik, there are connections at interchange Oudenrijn to the motorway A2 (Amsterdam / Maastricht) and at interchange Lunetten to the motorway A27 (Almere / Breda). After passing Utrecht, the 4-lane road first is reduced to a 3-lane road (one lane becomes and exit lane near Bunnik), while a traffic jam is created by a further reduction to a 2-lane road. However, as can be seen at the end of the video, there are roadworks in progress to increase the capacity of the road from 2 to 3 lanes + 1 "rush hour lane".

*A rush hour lane is only open during rush hours, often it is the emergency-shoulder that can be converted to an extra lane by using the overhead "variable- (also changeable-, electronic-, or dynamic-) message sign, often abbreviated VMS, CMS, or DMS, and in the UK known as a matrix sign".

In the movie you can see that these overhead signs are used to reduce speed when encountering a traffic jam and to "close" the left lane by using an arrow that points to the right, followed by a red cross.

Car used: Audi A6 3.0 TDI (MY 2011 / 4G)

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