Thursday, December 02, 2010

BMW X5 on delivery!

After ordering a new BMW X5 (click here) in late 2008, and agonizing waiting period of about 6 months set in, as the car was due for delivery in February 2009. As the financial crises started to unfold, the BMW X5 production line in Spartanburg seemed to be less busy, as the car was build already in late 2008 and shipped to Germany for storage. Therefore the dealer tried to pull the delivery date ahead towards January 2009, but as the lease for the 3-series Touring would only run out in February we insisted that we would take delivery at the pre-arranged date.

A short discussion of the options on our BMW X5:

M-sport package
- Interior trim brushed aluminium, Exterior aluminium, roof rails high-gloss Shadowline, 19-inch alloys styling 223M, sport seats with memory, anthracite headliner, M sport steering wheel, M sport bumpers, sport suspension) The exterior included bumpers that are painted in the car color instead of black plastic, this optical advantage was the main raeson to order it.
- Carbonblack metallic Included in the M-package, normally black and in the sun with a blue shade, lovely color.
- Leather Nevada black Included in the M-package, as the car is regurlarly used for transporting loads, the black interior will not show wear and tear that easily.

- Navigation Professional Although very expensive, a build-in navigation can be controlled through the car and is integrated into its interior.
- Park Distance Control front and rear With a car of this size, the PDC helps to judge the distance to obstacles that are hard to spot.
- Xenon headlights
- HiFi system A big improvement over the standard system, yet not as expensive as the HiFi Professional.
- USB-connection Allows a flexible integration of an iPod or USB-stick with music into the cars entertainment system.
- Panoramic Sunroof It gives a lot more light into the car while on sunny days it can cool down the temperature quickly while resembling the feeling of driving a convertible.
- Rear window sunblinds
- Removal of the badging (3.0d & X5 badge)
- Lumbar support Helps to find a more comfortable seating position.

A walkaround of the X5 can be found here:

If I would order a BMW X5 again, I would take the same options and colors again. But there are a few options that I would take extra, because they proved to be useful on other cars:
- Automatic boot lid If the car is dirty, it is a perfect feature to help keep your hands clean when opening or closing the 2-part trunk.
- Bluetooth In an increasing amount of countries, holding a phone while driving is illegal, and the bluetooth will pair the phone to the cars entertainment system.
- BMW Assist A huge amount of information can reach the driver through BMW Assist, especially useful when driving in an unknown area.
- Speed limit info Speed signs can be missed, the speed limit info helps to remind the driver what the speed limit is on the particular stretch of road.

February 2009, delivery of the BMW X5 3.0d Msport!

After a long, agonizing wait the day that our BMW X5 would be delivered finally arrived. After registring the car we arrived at the dealership, and dropped of the plates at the sales representitive. After a few small gifts (flowers, key chain) we went to the special delivery center of the dealership in which new cars were delivered every few minutes.
And there the car stood, shining alongside a BMW 5-series Touring, smelling brandnew with only 1 kilometers on the books. Slowly we drove outside the delivery center and drove to the main gate, and after showing the papers the car was released onto the streets.

Little did I know then that this car would take me around Europe in the following 20 months.....
Brand new at the BMW dealership

Just 1 kilometer!

For more pictures, please look here:

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