Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The co-drivers view: Berlin

In "the co-drivers view", you have the opportunity to travel with Guitigefilmpjes together along interesting routes, cities, or just in ordinary everyday traffic. Not only limited to one country, Guitigefilmpjes is hitting the streets in several European countries, enabling you to see what the traffic / streets / cities in other countries look like from the co-drivers perspective.

The first episode is made in the city of Berlin, the capital of the federal republic of Germany. In Berlin, there is an extended infrastructure that supports the mobility requirements of the 5.000.000 that live in the metropolitan area (3.400.000 in the city itself). Main streets consist of several lanes, while outside of the city the "Berliner Ring" is connecting all the trunk routes to each other.

First some famous landmarks can be seen, followed by a drive to the outskirts of the city in which you can view the "normal" Berlin while heading north, for the Autobahn A24 to the city of Hamburg.

You can find a map of the route unterneath each video, accompanied by a short discription of what you see. 

Starting of in the centre of the city, first the Brandenburg Gate and the Pariser Platz can be seen. Just behind the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall once used to divide the city (the camera is in the east, looking to the west). After turning on the Pariser Platz, we drive onto "Unter den Linden" and then turn left (north) towards the new central station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof). Ending the video next to the other side of the central station on the Invalidenstraße heading for Berlin Moabit.

Starting on the same point on the Invalidenstraße where we left in the first part, the direction towards the west is maintained, turning into the residential area of Berlin Moabit. Then we take a left turn back towards Tiergarten (next to the S-Bahn station), onto the "Straße des 17. Juni" which commemorates the rise of the East-German population against the communist government in 1953. This street continues onto a big roundabout which has the "Berliner Siegessäule" in the middle. To the left and the right a big public park can be seen, that is known as "Tiergarten".

In the final part, the video again starts where the second part has ended. Driving onto the Budapester Straße and along the trainstation "Zoologischer Garten", we cut through the old city center of West-Berlin. Continuing north towards the Autobahn, we pass the residential area in the west before leaving the city near the airport "Tegel".

click here for a map

Car used: BMW 530d Gran Turismo (F07)

Next episode:

The co-drivers view visits the German port city of Hamburg

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